About Redeeming the Table

Table is blessing, food is nourishing, stories validate, hospitality is transforming, all of these are found in community. Let's redeem our tables together. Pull up a chair & sup with me.

Redeeming the Table is a story, if you will.  A story of a very broken girl who has been redeemed at the Table.  A story of those who are broken & find life at the Table.  A story of how we live in this tension of here but not yet.  

Redeeming the Table is partly Kamille's table, where she shares her table, her home (beautiful & ugly), her family, her story & food with you.  The other part is yours, because this place is meant as blessing & encouragement to all who come here that we might together share food, stories & hospitality with friend or stranger around the table.   

Those three ideologies food, storytelling, & hospitality, co-mingle around the table.  These three when served together create the sacred in the ordinary, they make up what Redeeming the Table is.



What do sharing food, hospitality, and storytelling have to do with one another?


Sharing food nourishes.  When we offer a simple meal, cold drink on a hot day, or hot drink on a cold day to friend, or stranger, we open up a bit of ourselves.  We say, “this is not my stuff, but it's meant to share.”  Cooking a meal for others is the simplest way to communicate care & love.  It's like seeing a rainbow at the end of a terrible storm.  

Food is easily mingled with hospitality in the heart in which it is given.  By providing food, it makes room for others in our lives.  It opens the seat at our table & welcomes the downcast who needs to know there is hope.  It makes space for the friend who needs to share their dreams.  Hospitality is all about being a blessing, in order for the recipient to be blessed.  It is nothing about the host, but all about the guest.  

And hospitality lends way to sharing our stories.  When we invite that sojourner to our table with a cup of hot tea and biscuit, we get to stop from our work and tend to what is most important...them.  We feed their stomach with food, their soul with hospitality & their whole being by listening to their story.  Our stories come out naturally when someone simply stops and asks us.  It's the Eucharist being played out at our meager tables, which is redemption in the flesh. 

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