About Redeeming the table 

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for ragamuffin hosts/hostesses

Are you a ragamuffin hostess? Do you love people & food; but, often lack confidence in bringing them together? At Redeeming the Table, our goal is to empower you to live out a hospitable life, even when you don’t think you have a “gift” for hospitality (hint: no one does).

A self-proclaimed ragamuffin hostess, Kamille Scellick would be the first to tear down the notion of hospitality as some gift you either have or don’t. She has more than one story on how she has done it all wrong.

What keeps her coming back even when she’s messed it all up? She has encountered the hospitality of Jesus, and wants others to know it.

She is passionate about bringing the deep transformation Christ is making in our souls to everyday life around the table.

As the host to your table (maybe it’s your literal table or standing in line at the checkout), your most important job is offering up this transformational love of Christ and bringing the home of heaven to the here but not yet.

  • Will you join this ragamuffin hostess revolution?
  • Will you begin to see your table as a place you share with others and encounter their lives?

Your table, your ragamuffin hospitality is your offering to the people who sit at it.