We Need a Clean Slate of Grace: Turning Dry Roast to Stew


Our culture & minds tell us all or nothing. If we set to lose weight and begin a diet, but fail, we scrap the plan because we already fell. Perfectionist mind set. 

I began an Advent calendar for the first time this year.  The one where the girls pull out the card to read what to expect for that day. I didn't put elaborate activities or outings on it, and yet, I've managed to miss days. You know how I feel?  A Loser!

Why can't I accomplish this one simple task?  

I know, I hear you saying, "Kamille, cut yourself some slack...you do have a newborn!"  

And I receive that, but you understand right?  That feeling of accomplishing just one thing and the sheer joy of checking off the list.  But, can we start something right here?  

Let's make our lists.  What are you doing in this holiday season with yourself or your family?  Maybe it's meals every night, or simple advent reading or lighting the candles.  And maybe you, like me, have set a simple goal to accomplish.  And maybe, you like me, have fallen off the wagon of good intentions.  

But, can I send out some encouragement as you stand staring into your fridge at the eleventh hour and 56 minutes...we don't need to scrap our plans and throw it all away just because we missed a couple days.  

Rather than throwing out that dry roast, try cutting it up and making a stew out of it.  

I am not going to let a couple days missed on the Advent calendar to dictate me as a success or a "good" mama.  If you're reading blogs that make you feel less and make you feel like that mom has it altogether, stop reading it.  If pinning on Pinterest invigorates you and brings new life to create, then keep it.  On the flip side, if it makes you feel discontent and covetous, STOP.  Same goes with Redeeming the Table.  If coming here makes you feel like you are less of a cook, or whatever fill in the blank, quietly leave & I wish you well (though I don't have it altogether--I hope we already know this).  

  • Let's make this season about one of making peace.  Making peace with ourselves and making peace with others.  
  • Let's stop putting false expectations on ourselves. 
  • Let's stop putting our ideals onto our children as they begrudge Jesus & rather become like the Wise Men offering their grandest of gifts.
  • Let's stop putting more on our schedules for the sake of busyness and embrace still spirits, where family & friend sense shalom at our tables.
  • Let's not allow a day of failures dictate a continuous week of them.
  • Let's not let a day of slip ups in the binging of cookies to allow for the continuous of binging.  

Rather, let's embrace grace for our mistakes, forgiveness for our blunders, and peace for the chaos we've let in.  

Because, soon it's going to be New Year's Day, and I'm pretty sure we'll be making those lists of resolutions, which will simply get stowed away and forgotten come January 20th.  Let's be active in grace, not making a mockery of it.  Let's embrace forgiveness for others in our lives.  The ones you don't think are redeemable, oh, but they are.  Let's be a people who invite others to our table with what little or great we have.  

PSMy daughter and I have been having a hard time lately.  Mainly, she has a will of iron (and it's possible I do too) and likes the word 'no.'  Now, it's been difficult to say the least; but, after spending some time alone and having a consequence, she came to me to say 'sorry.'  I asked her, "How about we pray and ask God for forgiveness & to clean up our mess?"  She said, "yes."

It struck me right there, how God doesn't expect perfection.  He doesn't expect us to do it right the first time and never fail.  No, just as I get to understand that truth as I discipline my girl and get to give her grace.  I get to tell her, "Sweets, we've had a rough morning and you've chosen yucky words.  Do you want to start all over and choose sweet words?" It's like Jesus willingly cleans up our mess and hits the reset button.