Day 7: Foods I Love

Today Caprice is 8 weeks old and it has gone by altogether too quickly. My appetite was hit or miss throughout pregnancy, while postpartum I have experienced the joys of eating. I have even been able to cook and pray little graces while slicing an onion or stirring spices. I thought I'd share some of my favorites these past 8 weeks; as well as, what I am wanting to bake or cook.


I discovered the simple beauty of maple syrup sweetened fresh whipped cream with berries on top. I know berries are pretty much out of season, but I implore you to do this if you have any blueberries or blackberries left.

Avocados with a drizzle of olive oil, coarse salt, pinch of red chili flakes and squeeze of lime. Take your spoon and eat it out of the shell. Divine!!

Please cook your eggs in coconut oil if you don't already. Plus, Bellingham Costco started carrying 78 oz extra virgin coconut oil for $21.99. Best price around.


Strawberry salad. We still have local strawberries. I have made this strawberry salad with green leaf lettuce (from Joe's), slices of red onion with toasted pumpkin seeds coated in melted coconut sugar. Red wine vinaigrette. Tay eats half of it.

Peanut butter. Honestly, I've been crazing peanut butter & chocolate like crazy. I try not to succumb to this beautiful marriage...but, well.

Lastly, I made grain free cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon date filling and topped with maple syrup coconut butter. I'm going to work on it a bit more and you'll see a recipe here. I'm thinking I'd like to give it a pumpkin twist.


I'm thinking of making a maple pumpkin cake pie. I have a pecan pie recipe from last year that I haven't shared yet. I made a fresh pear pie sweetened with lemon & vanilla, which can be found online via Real Food and Health emagazine I contribute toward.

Be sure to check out the recipes in the side bar or recipe by ingredient. I have loads of Autumn recipes and one amazing brown butter pumpkin cake recipe.