Day 23: autumn & dropping by spur of the moment


I am one of those people who don't mind friends dropping by unannounced. In fact, I kind of prefer it over making plans. I get a giddy feeling that although quite spontaneous, there is an element of thoughtful engagement as to whom the person should visit.

Today I called my friend Talia to see if she was free for a spur of the moment visit. Note: it doesn't hurt to have a cup of coffee to bring to them. The girls played wonderfully & we had time to catch up.

Things I've learned over the years about spontaneous hospitality:

1. Having drink options in your house helps.
2. Leaving gifts or thoughtful cards on a friend's doorstep.
3. Bringing coffee over when making a meal is too much.
4. Welcoming someone into your home by leading them to the comfy chairs.
5. Bringing a meal just because.

What do you prefer...last minute visits or planned ones? Why?