Day 16: Stress & Eating

When I get to write about the joys of prepping, cooking & eating there is this surge within me, because it means life is good. Not just that life is good, but the reality of how we are intended to live from the inception of the Garden. However, when I'm ill with a cold, the flu, nausea, or anxiety, food writing doesn't appeal to my senses. It's as though my senses are hypersensitive and the thought of food entering in makes me want to run to the bathroom.

This has me thinking of the many people around the world suffering from chronic illnesses, disease, or even self-induced starvation. How this gift given to us is twisted and maligned into a curse. How the fear of eating "X" might cause more stomach pains or added weight. Tonight, I sit in bed with flu-like symptoms, but I am not with fever.

In fact, I truly believe it is a spiritual battle waging and anxiety & fear robbing my hope & joy. I look down at my sweet nine week old baby girl and the body aches cease. I don't know if food is a heartache for you; whether, you deal with numerous food allergies or chronically ill, but I want to pray a special pray for you.

Jesus, the One who is seated at the right hand and set about to redeem all of humanity, in order that we may feast with full bellies & hearts at your table. I ask you would continue to redeem us in the here & now. Capture our hearts & minds above our bellies. Seep your spirit into our souls, so we would be infused with your truth, joy, & hope. Allow us to be gracious to ourselves as you've been gracious to us. Walk with us, before us and behind us in this tough journey. Prepare a table before us, which delights our whole being as your reflection.