Changing My Seat at the Table


While I was at Allume, I would hear, "What do you use your blog for?"  It was almost as if blogging or writing was somehow separate from family.  Yet, I felt deep within that what I write about here at Redeeming the Table cannot be separate from my life in Bellingham with these four people I love beyond myself.  This table is to serve as a reflection of my real life table.  No pretenses, facades or higher than thou sentiments.  

You may have noticed there is a "Family Life" section in the sidebar.  I've kept it like that for a long while thinking, "you don't want to hear about that part of me."  But, that's a darn lie.  

What I'm finding is the need to blend all my 'roles' in life, in order for you to feel comfortable & welcome at my table.  I would want the same if I was at your table.  And with that in mind, I will be posting about my sweet girl's fifth birthday coming up.