A Life of Whimsy


It's no wonder God gave us our third daughter when he did, and provided a name like hers less than 24 hours before she was born. When we think we can't do, life has a way showing us we how. Not so much to do more or come up with lists on how we can accomplish goals or tasks. Rather, maybe we need to embrace that we cannot do MORE--we can simply live.

I often don't sit down to write out of fear of not getting it just right. Perfection, fear of failure or judgement. As I ponder how the birth would go for Caprice, how we ever find a name suitable, how my fears blocked my sight of joy--then how much more fitting her name means "whimsical, playful."

I see others creating with their wordsmithery skills, recipe developments or photographic brilliance and think, "there's no point in creating, because it's probably going to be less than them." I would never allow my friends or family to believe those lies; yet, I believe them constantly.

My Caprice is showing me through her contagious smile how worry really is useless. She is showing me more of what it means to embrace joy without fear.

Will you join me? How do you want more whimsy in your life? How can you have the "do" in love communicated through you?