Day 27: breaking bread

Have we embraced the new millennium with eating out like the 70s & 80s of TV dinners? Have we fallen prey to bringing technology to the table, because it's easier to disengage than engage? Have we allowed our tables to be disguised as landing spots of clutter never to see the face of community around it? Have our televisions, smart phones, busy lives taken us from knowing the smells of simmering onions and life at mealtime?

With the onslaught of kitchen gadgets to make life easier and bank accounts depleted, there is more eating out & less cooking still. We as a nation have forgotten the training, the process is more than half the work in preparation for the feast.

I am guilty of all of these. I have opted over the ease of standing eating lunch in the kitchen than to make small talk with my three year old. I have chosen to spend money we should have saved to provide for better needs or give to those without, instead of eating out. I am red handed in bringing my smartphone to the table to disengage from my family. But, I know it is in the "small talk," the planning our resources well, the banning of technology when at the table, which leads to lasting soul rich feasting.

Let us be people who take joy in the process of cooking---it's the training for the marathon. Simple cutting, chopping, stirring builds everyday muscles for those feasts like Thanksgiving & Easter brunch. We can't expect to run a marathon without the discipline of training.

It's this same diligence in clearing the table, turning off the television, smartphones & regular ones, in order to know the people we've been given to live this life alongside. It's no wonder there is so much hostility in hospitality, because when we disengage with those we should naturally be engaged with...we cannot expect to be hospitable or welcoming to those we don't know.

This week, lets shut off the distractions at our table and embrace spirits of discipline, in order that our souls are known by the ones we love most. Lets break bread this week & find a full life.