Day 24: I Want To Hear From You


In an attempt to sit around the table and not simply hear myself, I want to hear from you. Yes, that means if you've been reading here for a while and have yet to introduce's your chance. I won't think your weird for reading, so please don't be bashful.

If you came over for dinner, I would want to know you & hear from you. I've already shared about so much and I feel like I'm dominating the conversation at the table. Maybe it would be easier to start with some questions to break the ice.

I think knowing your name is a good one and if you are a nickname person or abhor them.

What is your favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts? Oh you don't like Brussels sprouts? What vegetable do you prefer?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did it come true?

Coffee or tea?

How do you like your eggs cooked? Can you tell me about a great childhood food memory?

Can you tell me about how you came to Redeeming the Table?

PS: Don't feel the need to answer each & every question--simply build from what you like.

PPS: if you find it difficult to leave a comment, simply log in with google or you can create a squarespace account.