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Redeeming the table shares stories of faith & life around the table, while utilizing real food focusing on the Paleo diet and extending hospitality to welcome others to it.  Kamille Scellick is the voice behind Redeeming the Table, and she speaks candidly and openly of her own story, struggles, and triumphs in sharing the table.  She is a mom to three girls, one who has special needs.  She is the wife to Ben.  She loves Jesus.

My Favorite Summer Drink: A Thirsty Crow

On our way down to Arizona we were able to spend the night at my oldest & most dearest of friends, Veronica's (and Alan) house. We have that friendship where you immediately pick up where you left off, and there's no need to explain family history. It's refreshing!

its so comfortable, I made myself right at home by going through cupboards to find baking supplies to honor our "First Day of Summer" tradition (eating strawberry shortcakes for breakfast). There is no fear of stepping on each other's feet. My gift is in cooking the food, while Veronica's has always been in opening up her space for it (and eating what I make).  


That evening after the girls went to bed, Alan made us a drink. Veronica had posted a picture of it promising to make me one when I visit. Being the cheerful receiver as much as a giver that I am, I obliged. 

Sidenote: it's true that being a cheerful receiver is as much a gift of hospitality as giving.


Hot dog! I'm glad I did, because this has become my signature summer drink. A Thirsty Crow, which has the unmistakeable boozy silhouette, while filling out with enough sweetness to not make those of us non-hard liquor people to gag.

It boasts of spicy ginger beer, sour fresh lemon juice & the sweet scent of Maraschino liqueur.  To tie it together, the Rye gives it that slight burn in your throat to let you know this is not a "frilly" drink. Add a dash of bitters at the end, and sprig of mint & one maraschino cherry for garnish give it a classy edge. 


Thirsty Crow (Printable Recipe)


1 ounce fresh lemon juice

1 ounce Jim Beam Rye

1 ounce Maraschino liqueur

4 ounces Ginger Beer (not alcoholic ginger beer. I like Reed's or Fenimans) 

dash of aromatic bitters

sprig of mint 

1 maraschino cherry


 In a pint sized jar or cup add one sprig of mint and about 1 cup of ice. Add the lemon juice, rye, maraschino liqueur and finer beer. Mix with a spoon. 

Add maraschnto cherry and dash of bitters. Serve immediately. Makes 1. 




Scellick Road Trip Take Three


We woke up the morning of to surprise the girls of our destination.  They had no idea, and I had been long awaiting to tell them.  We sat down and asked about ideas for the day. I asked them if they would like to go for a walk across the street that morning to see Disneyland. 


Veronica who had been talking of going to Disneyland for months was a bit shell shocked. Meanwhile, Cadence jumped up with excitement. 


Once they knew we were headed there they got ready lickedity split. There were so many moments of shrieks & pointing to look at this or that. Veronica was no longer quietly taking it all in. 


One of the first sites upon entering Main Street was her favorite...Mickey Mouse. Although excited, she approached him with trepidation. She said hello first. 


Then, with her nervous excitement gave him a "distant" hug. 


By the time the picture came around she had confidence. 


Her first picture was actually with Goofy. It was pretty funny, because she wanted to say hi & grab a picture. However, she didn't want to give him a hug. So her natural pose when nervous is what you see. Goofy made her feel right at home and posed the same way. 


We approached Sleeping Beauty's castle, and V's body & expression say it all. 


 Seeing the characters were definitely the best part of the day (and touring Mickey & Minnie's houses). Pluto made it more tricky for me to take a picture by stretching out as far as possible. Also, he knew V wanted to keep some distance. 


Here is the first character Cadence would take a picture alongside. Walking through Toon Town to touring Mickey & Minnie's house was one of the best parts for the girls. You had to walk through the house, in order to see them at the characters at the end. V & C just wanted to play in their houses. The problem was the line of people walking through the house to get to Mickey or Minnie, which meant the girls needed to move along as well. 


One of our favorite parts was attending a Tangled live play. It gave opportunity at the end to meet Rapunzel & Flynn, which happens to be Cadence's new favorite princess. The show was clever and catered to both child & adult. It also gave a chance for us to sit in some shade while keeping Caprice at bay. 


The line was far too long to see Winnie the Pooh and the gang. So, we did a photobomb sort of picture. 

Our day was pretty wonderful. We didn't ride on too many rides. The girls weren't really into  seeing how many rides they could go on. They were more interested in experiencing the wonder of Disneyland. 

Cadence while riding the carousel said to me, "I wish the horse came off like in Mary Poppins."  She further dubbed the carousel, "The Mary Poppins" ride. 

We enjoyed the parade they have everyday as witnessed in this video

I'm Kamille-Welcome!

Wife to Ben. Mama to three beautiful girls. I cook, bake & eat. Food, hospitality, & sharing our stories just might change the world. 

Wife to Ben. Mama to three beautiful girls. I cook, bake & eat. Food, hospitality, & sharing our stories just might change the world. 




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