My Brother Willy's Memorial Slideshow

Ben and I have returned home from Arizona after spending an extended weekend with my family celebrated Willy's life.  Currently, my heart and mind are still a bit numb from the experience.  This isn't to say the weekend was horrible; because, there were so many good parts.  Being able to see my extended family, and friends I have not seen in well over a decade was sheer gift.  

Yet, it was going to bed Saturday evening hearing Ben say, "Willy would have loved being here." Yes, he would have.  All these people who came especially for him would have done his heart good.  My dearest and nearest and bestest of friend Veronica and husband (also my friend) Alan gladly asked how they could help me with the memorial.  I immediately asked, "Do you think you could do the slideshow?"  They responded with an emphatic "yes."  

I held it together first time watching it until the very end.  Then, I watched it a couple more times before the memorial.  At the memorial we showed it right at the beginning...I blubbered like a baby.  It was knowing this is really it--he's never coming back and his kids will never know him and he will never know them.   Sorry this is so depressing; but, that's how life is sometimes and life cannot always be the glass half full.  

I will leave you with this...I see hope and perfect love continuing to cast out fear amidst the deep grief and pain in my brother's death.