How to Make Real Life Connections

I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy having a smartphone.  I love the ease with finding information, being able to take a picture of my kids seamlessly, and staying connected with others has never been easier.  And still, with the advent of technological advancements, and social media connectedness, we are seeing more disconnectedness in real life.  

I see how people of older generations scoff at the younger generations glazing over with their phones in hand; but, what I'm finding is the older generations are as much to blame.  I want more than anything for my daughters to know how to have a real life conversation, how to connect with people in their actual life without a device helping them.  

We are in an age where the art of conversation is soon to become a lost art form, and emoticons and gifs will replace it.  But, deep within our souls we all long to be known by a person who can hug us when we are sad, stop by our home to tell us we are worth being known.  

Today I'm sharing over at Grace Table on my Six Tips for Making Real Life Connections to help you out if you need some gentle encouragement.  

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