What is the Ministry of Flowers

Finding Ourselves in Unexpected Ministry

After putting my girls to bed, after our youngest’s birthday dinner was celebrated, after the living room was obliterated with gift wrap, I snuck away into the garden.  With summer inching away, the sun setting earlier making the after bedtime watering, weeding, deadheading more difficult.  

As I stood there in my garden, I was reflecting on how I got here, in this spot, watering a flower garden, when just a year prior I was only interested in my vegetable garden.  How did I grow to love these star-like sunset speckled dahlias, or the towering tissue-paper hollyhocks?  When did I begin looking for flower gardening books instead of cookbooks?  Have I replaced this with my love of cooking?  I felt rather aghast to think I could ever replace time in the kitchen with time out here in this garden, flower garden no less. (Read more at Grace Table)

Kamille Scellick

Kamille Scellick passionately believes that gathering around the table is where the body, mind & soul will be nourished. It's around the table where you're sure to find her on any given day...eating, talking, listening & sharing life with her husband, Ben & three girls.