A Look into the Glory of Sharing the Table (video)

I was going to make a video for Grace Table for my post; but, as I added more pictures, short clips and began listening to Rend Collective's Lighthouse, I just knew it needed to be turned into a video for my blog.  I encourage you to watch it if you have about four minutes.  It's what sharing the table looks like in our life.  Most of which is with my family, while there are other glimpses into my life with people who we get to share the table.  

I realize how difficult it can be to simply show up to the table.  Maybe you're a parent of a child who has anxiety or sensory issues, and you're too tired to have to leave the house in an unfamiliar place.  Maybe you have food allergies, which prevent you from enjoying to actually share the food at the table.  Maybe you've been hurt on more than one occasion when you became vulnerable in community.  

I'm here to encourage you to keep coming to the table.  When I think of Jesus' table, it's open to everyone, all you need to do is show up.  My hope and prayer for you is to come.  Come with your weary, burdened soul.  Come without the shackles of shame and past regret.  Come because you are worthy to be loved and known.  Come and learn to dance, sing, speak eat without fear of condemnation.  Rather see the broad smile of approval, like that of a person seeing a young child dance with such abandon, only delight can spill forth.

Getting to the table is often hard, choosing to gather and share life is never a regret.

I want to thank you for joining me at my table, be it in person or here at Redeeming the Table.

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