Fellowship Around the Table


At the close of the sermon today we were invited to quickly rewrite our version of Acts 2:42-47.  Here was mine.

You mama teach your babes how to use words,

how to say sorry when you shouted.  

The Spirit of God comes while messy floors, tear stained cheeks turn to you and forgiveness is known. 


You invite people to gather, to share meals.

nothing worthy of food blogs; rather, a King's feast of a casserole.

Because knowing it's in the giving, the sharing, the showing up, the inviting into your mess so the other feels normal.


You give not out of obligation or duty, but...

because Jesus the great Host first set His Table Inviting you as a guest. 

So what's yours is mine & mine is yours.

You see Jesus in the cranky co-worker to the bully child, it's why we meet together.

Because we know the hope of the final feast,

the garden turned city--

the place where no more tears spill; but...

Jesus our Lord, our Savior, our great papa God redeems the story, our story.