Grain-Free Cardamom Sticky Biscuits

Christmas mornings meant dad pulling out all the stops when it came to getting ready in the morning, and the breakfast.  Oh man, the breakfast.  While the other 364 days of the year he would make oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, he decided to sizzle up bacon and fry up over easy eggs, making fresh orange juice, and sitting down to enjoying every single bite.  My brother and I would bemoan my dad's need the start of a healthy breakfast as we inched our way toward the stockings. 

Now, the tables have turned and I see a little bit of my dad in myself, wondering how my girls can ignore the need for protein to being the day.  Insert this special little Grain-free Cardamom Sticky Biscuits I have made on many occasions for Christmas morning.  I have prepped them in between and had them baked to go post presents.  Since they are unlike cinnamon rolls, there is no need to rise, roll, and shape.  Post haste friends over to Grace Table for the recipe and sweet nostalgia if you need to remember why slowing down in this Advent season is necessary.