How the Seattle Seahawks Encourage My Parenting


Sundays in these parts let off a glow of the television as Papa watches his team, and invites his family of girls to join in on the festivities.  He talks about his love affair with Seahawks through thick and thin, notably the thin times as a teenager into his 20s.  In the early years of marriage, he spoke with hope for his team to make it to the playoffs.  Only to be sadly disappointed from one too many losses.  

"A Seahawk fan knows let down," he would say.  

Like a young boy building up courage to ask the girl he adores to go to the dance.  She smiles, talks with him giving him a glimmer of hope, only to decline.  This was the theme song to Ben's heart for decades.  The glimmer shone in 2006 as they battled the Steelers at the Superbowl.  Crushed again.  

As the team progressed, Pete Carroll became head coach, this team began to change.  The 12th man grew in momentum in likes of Seattle reaching to Bellingham to Spokane to other states.  This Arizonian girl began to believe a bit more in this 12th man comradery, which seemed to bond the most unlikely individuals (those of opposing political to religious beliefs).  It grew and grew with the ever present rain until a beast, the best kind possible, would birth forth.  And men, like my husband, would witness for the first time his team winning the Super Bowl.  


Now, there are many naysayers out there about money going into sporting events, players getting paid quite lushly, and the "what's the point of this."  However, I would object by saying it was their game against the Packers on January 18th, which brought my understanding and appreciation of the Seattle Seahawks to a whole new level.  

By nature, I'm more emotional and loud, while Ben is more steady and demure.  This translates to me shouting, "OH c'mon!!  Ben, this is stressing me out, they're not gonna win."  Meanwhile, Ben calmly says, "They're a 2nd half team Kamille.  There is always a chance."  Much like old Harry saying, "So you're saying there's a chance." I could not see any chance, while Ben never lost faith.  I saw Wilson get intercepted, Kearse miss catches, and a time clock (2:30) and scoreboard, which boasted the Packers favor.  After watching the game (Seahawks-Packers), I quickly became a believer in persistence, running the race till the finish and how later that night as I put my V to bed how it would be the source to encourage my girl.

She told me how she felt like she would never accomplish certain academic tasks, or succeed in specific areas of her life.  All she saw was defeat.  Like many a mamas before me, and beside me and after me, we see this space as holy ground where God gives us moments to speak his words into our children's lives.  And so I prayed something like this:

Jesus, Thank you for V.  Thank you for her life, for making her, for calling her into existence and knowing her.  Thank you for knowing the things, which are hard for her even before she knew them.  And still, thank you that you made her for a special purpose.  Jesus, I think of the Seahawks today and how they never gave up.  Russell Wilson would make lots of mistakes, and he didn't let it define him or cause him to stop fighting.  He persevered, you know persevere Veronica? It means you keep running the race even if you fall lots of times.  Russell Wilson did just that, he kept running the race.  It's not about how many times you fail, or fall.  What matters is how you get back up and keep trying.  When reading is difficult, you get to be like Wilson and keep sounding out the words as he kept throwing the ball.  Our worth is not in what we do; but, that we simply are.  Thank you Jesus for giving Veronica a Seahawk spirit, which doesn't let others define her potential.  Thank you for the way you keep believing in her even when the clock says 2:30 minutes and the scoreboard is not in her favor.  

And friends, that's why I have grown to love this team.  It's hearing my V say, "My favorite player is Russell Wilson, because he visits the children at the Children's Hospital."  You can't always teach kindness or perseverance, and I'm pretty sure she didn't learn it from me; rather, a gift God gave her to give to the rest of us.  She makes me believe in the 12th man.