We're Moving and I Still Haven't Lost My Mind

There are times when saying what you need to say is the best; hence, the blog title.  Our family has been packing up all the items in our house.  I get the occasional,

"Mom, where did my mermaid figurine go?"

"I packed it up, because it's not a necessary item," I reply.

"Oh, but I really need it!," she explains.

To which I further explain how it's only a ceramic piece, which has been on top of her dresser for the past six months left unscathed.  Going into this full blown logic did nothing for my case to a determined seven year old.  I digress.

This is what our home has looked like in the past couple weeks as we prepare to put it on the market, and leave for Arizona for a whole month, all at the same time.  Yeah, we're wild and dangerous people. 

We plan on road tripping this adventure, because it sounds like a good idea. Ya know, like there's some parent manual or checklist out there with, "Go on a long road trip with small children before you die." So clearly this here optimist thinks it's a GRAND idea. We are also planning to drive back home. 

The conversation with Ben went something like this:

Ben: "So, I was looking at airline tickets for you and the girls to take back to Bellingham,"

Me: "For what?"

Ben: "Well, I'll fly back down to Arizona, drive the van back to Bellingham, while you and the girls fly back."

Me: (still confused) "Why would we do that?"

Ben: "I don't think you're going to want to drive back a second time with the girls. I think you'll realize how miserable it was going down."

Me: (determined to prove my idealism wins) "No! I'm going to be fine. We will drive back up with you. I won't get sick of it! I can handle it!"


Let's be honest, I think my stubbornness to choose a positive outlook will win, not that I'll be "full in" or anything.  At the end of July, you might also see me regretting this decision.  I am choosing joy my friends, choosing JOY (so I tell myself)!

Needless to say, we are a bit busy scrambling around our home, checking off lists, packing more boxes, figuring out what comes to Arizona, what stays for Ben while he's here sans us, and all the cleaning! Oh mylanta--the cleaning. I forgot about the cleaning of a house when you're trying to sell it.  You know, the child level dirt marks on the wall that I've somehow missed to clean.  

What I do know, is it will get done. I cannot promise in the meantime I will be the most sane person at the end. 



Kamille Scellick