Grain-Free Baking Class Coming May

Friends, I'm excited to share with you about my next cooking class coming in May.  It's funny, because it's happening May 5th and it's grain-free, which means the whole chips and salsa for Cinco de Mayo isn't happening.  But don't let that stop us from drinking some margaritas beforehand.

But, I digress...if you're in Bellingham, WA or close by, I would love to see your face among the group.  We will be learning about some basics in using nut flours and coconut flours.  The menu will consist of a Sourdough Grain-free bread, Savory Galette with prosciutto, caramelized onions with an herb chevre crust, and finish it off with a Lime Tart with Rhubarb-Strawberry.  

I am currently working on perfecting the recipes to make them easy to teach and for you to replicate them at home.  More than anything, I would love to gather around the table with you in this format.  You can sign up through this link (I'll be teaching at Ciao Thyme again).  

What questions would you like to see asked and answered on grain-free baking if you were attending? 

Kamille Scellick