Being a Visionary is to Enjoy the Process!


Enjoy the process!

So far this year I have on more than one occasion heard from God about "the process." I see where I want to go with parenting & being a wife, with my writing, with teaching, with the gamut. As I told Ben, "It's like walking into a room scattered with clothes and mismatched everything, I know what I want the room to look like in the end; but, how do I get there?"  

His response, "Pick up one item at a time until you reach the end."

Simply put-right?

And often, what I want to do is rush through the grit of picking up lonely toy to make it's way to the correct spot in the basement with other said toys.  By the time I get to the basement, I easily become distracted with what needs to get done.  This means I've made my way into at least three different rooms in my house with nothing to show; but, an accentuated mess.  

It's no wonder so many of us want to avoid the process--it takes work.

I went back to the gym on Monday.  It's been over a year since I've been (If you're doing the math, I stopped just days before Caprice was born--she's 18 months). I returned when she was two months old, eager to show myself that I could get back to a new normal of newborn and being physically fit.  Well, that lasted about a month as it was too much on my heavily sleep deprived body.  She didn't sleep through the night till 15 months. These past months my body has ached for physical exertion. 

My muscle has decreased, while my waist has expanded.  I know getting back into shape isn't going to be an overnight affair.  It takes discipline, fortitude and willpower to push ahead, even when the results are dismal.  

The process of how we get to our goals can feel rather obsolete, and incredibly boring.  It especially feels defeating when you know you have a story, a painting, an opportunity to plunge into only to come face to face with the stinging reality you still have to do the work you've been given.  


Being a mama at any stage is hard stuff.  Just when I think I have a grasp on the rhythms of my child(ren), they go changing it on me.  I'm in that season, where the tides are turning and I sense God teaching me to press into the process.  Not only to press in, but soften to it and rejoice always.  

He's teaching me to keep putting in the reps, while feeling okay with telling my daughter, "I'm going to have 20 minutes to myself right now to read," and not feel guilty that I'm not spending every waking hour to give to someone else.  It's not just that, but it's becoming okay with learning the art of putting in the work; rather, than just expecting the dreams to come to fruition without them.  

I was recently listening to an audio from the The Global Leadership Summit, where the speaker said something along these lines, 

There's a difference between being a dreamer and a visionary.  A dreamer only dreams of what can become. While a visionary dreams of what can become, makes goals and gets the dreams accomplished.  

I have long said, "I'm an idea person, a visionary!"  But, honestly, I think I'm finding truth in how I'm not if I am not willing to take part in the process.  For some of us, we can achieve our goals easier, because we have resources, or know a person (there is something about knowing the right people).  However, the majority of us do not have it so readily available.  

But, no matter the resources be it extra income, extra help, extra whatever, it's not going to be easy.  We all have to work through the process of getting to the end goal.  It's whether we find joy in the process to get there, centering our hearts & minds, bending to a mindfulness that we are exactly where we need to be.  


How do you work through the process while keeping the end in mind?