My Favorite Redeeming the Table Posts of 2013

Today is also the first day back to school and the beginning of V's birthday week.  I have obviously spent time away from posting here; but, I think we all need breaks, or at least I do.  I was rereading old posts I wrote throughout the year and I wanted to highlight my favorites of 2014.  

From January 2013

Imperfect Prose: Broken Cheesecakes & Mothering

well done, my sweet, beautiful daughter!" I imagine him, saying, "You see that crack on top of the cheesecake?  It's imperfect yes? Like you, but I'm here to fill that crack to make you holy whole.  That's my grace, that's my blood pouring in.  And those beautiful girls of yours, (he pauses and whispers) I'm covering them too."


February 2013 A Note on How My Love Expresses Itself In Marriage

It's your steady, loyal, hardworking, make breakfast to let me sleep, take your girl to the park to blow her tooth fairy whistle, bring Valentines to your daughters to show them how a man treats a lady, rock your baby to sleep & call me beautiful (and hot), which makes me know this...this right here is real stuff.

March 2013: When Grace Looks Like a Low Milk Supply

This was a guest post with MomHeart, and one of my more vulnerable sides in nursing and it's difficulties for me.  I found many mamas sharing similar struggles, along with receiving lots of private messages on how they thought they were the only ones.  

April 2013: The Family Dinner Table (Practices of Eating Series)

This is probably one of my most favorite posts ever!  It's a reminder to me how the table is to be, because I am not all fun and games--yet I try to be.  

June 2013: Eating Without, Cooking Without to Know the Other

Another post, which is part of the Practices of Eating series.  I like this one as it focuses on how we meet people where they are at to provide welcome at our tables.  

July 2013: Grain-free & Peanut Butter-free Monster Cookies

I realized I didn't post as many recipes this year as I have in previous years; but, I guess that's what becomes of you when you add more kids to the roost.  I love these cookies and I love what is written on how I really eat at times.  I'm not perfect Paleo.  

September 2013: Coming Back to the Table

This is a tie with my favorite post of the year, if not my favorite.  I love it, because it encapsulates a night with my friends to celebrate life mixed with an unexpected twist to find true sharing of the table on the other end.  

October 2013: Sloppy to Special Needs

In October I wrote 25 days on Sharing the Table.  This was that post where I share a peak into sharing the table as a special needs mama.  It's not always tidy, but no one ever said it would be.

November 2013: Your Story is Yours, My Story is Mine

When you realize that as a mama, you have been trying to live out your child's story as your own.  It's no wonder you're rattled with guilt, anxiety and pressure.  

December 2013: How Swim Slides, Risk-Taking & Burdens Give me Rest

December of last year was actually not my favorite.  Anxiety attacks came in full force where I literally thought I was going to die, but didn't.  This story speaks one of hope and courage--something I have prayed for myself.  


My Favorite Guest Post is from my friend Tina: When Sharing the Table Looks Different From What You Imagined

Sometimes I look around and think…where did all these black people come from. And then I remember, my Jesus. My Jesus, who put this wonderful man in my path for me to love and to cherish until death do us part. And how together, we brought this amazing little girl into the world. She steals my heart every day. (And yes, thank you people at the grocery store, she is mine, I’m not the nanny.)

Okay, now--go get some reading done:)  Did you have any favorites I didn't share?