Join the #sharethetable Revolution


As I recently shared about enjoying the process, let me share one of my goals for Redeeming the Table.  One I'm eager for you to join in and see it spread to be a people who are actively enjoying the process of the table.  

Here is what Redeeming the Table is about: 

Table is blessing, food is nourishing, stories validate, hospitality is transforming, all of these are found in community. Let's redeem our tables together. Pull up a chair & sup with me.

Life is in need of slowing down a couple times in each day.  Our family, our friends, and our self deserve this simple gift.  Eating, sharing life at the table is the culmination of enjoying the process  to life's fullest.  When I pull out the supplies for dinner at the bewitching hour, knowing the interruptions can come pouring out at any moment, I am choosing to become mindful of the 20 second moments of silent.  

I eat these moments up with peeling, chopping, dicing to think over my day.  I pray for individuals who come to mind.  I pray for my family.  I often just talk with God.  It doesn't last long, because the litany of the ordinary tasks don't always explode with gooey sweetness.  But, nothing in life is ever quite so picturesque is it?

What we do get is to take that meal to the table to share it.  Sometimes it's all we can muster to sit through that meal with auditory senses on overload and a lack of manners.  Other times, we feel like we are sitting in the throne room of grace and we whisper to ourselves, "Yes, this is what I was created for."  

I want to encourage myself, and you, to begin a worldwide table of people who share the table through stories, food, & hospitality with friend and stranger.  I want us to be a people who transform this world with the love of sharing the table.  

Would you join me?  

It's quite simple.  No blog post required.  We're going to do this via Instagram, by taking pictures of our tables, our moments that represent our table.  We will use the hashtag #sharethetable  It's really that simple. 

But, here's the thing.  It's not meant to be perfect.  Sometimes it looks beautiful, like it fell out of a magazine shoot beautiful.  Other times, it's just an assembling of random leftovers, with other items cluttering the table.  It's simply to show ourselves how we are to share the table together.

It's an act of taking joy in the process.  It is the litany of the table.  

Let's take joy together.  There will be more to come in the venture; but, for now, let's begin a #sharethetable revolution transforming one table at a time.   


If you are new here, you can read more on the series 25 Days to Share the Table.