Ginger-Lime Green Smoothie


Are you already feeling the weight of goals unattained, and organizational systems breaking down?  Maybe you're like me with great intentions, or too many ideas you aren't quite sure how to carry them out?  

Just today I began thinking about all my dreams of what I want.  This led me thinking about the goals needed to put in place, in order to achieve these dreams.  And then, suddenly overwhelmed with the thought, "HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN?"  

Okay, maybe slightly over exaggerated.  

But, then I remembered it's about the reps, not the goals.  It's far too easy to make a list of all our goals, while never putting in the work to get to that place.  I write up pretty lists, daydream about the possibility, get stricken with perfectionism, and then never put in the reps.  You know, showing up and simply doing what you do.  

And then with a vision of clarity, "Drinking my ginger-lime green smoothie is like a rep!"  Friends, this should be a part of your reps as well.  It's refreshing, bright, and you feel invigorated knowing you've just downed some kale.  Cheers friends!


Ginger-Lime Green Smoothie (printable recipe)

This smoothie is made in my Vitamix 6300, which has it's own smoothie button.  I cannot attest to what this would be like in a non-high powered blender.  If using a regular blender, I would remove the whole peel of the lime and cut it smaller.  I would also recommend chopping up the ginger a lot more and making the kale more bite sized, in order for it to blend more finely.  


1 1/2 cups cold water, filtered is need be

1 ripe pear, seeds & stem removed, cut into chunks

1/4 of lime, with 3/4 peel removed

1/4 inch of peeled, fresh ginger

big handful, maybe two of cut kale

4-5 ice cubes, mine are from an ice tray size


In a Vitamix Blender, add the ingredients as listed.  If you have a smoothie setting on your blender, then use that and allow it to do it's magic.  If not, begin on setting 1, then increase to high for 1 minute until completely blended.

Pour into cups to drink immediately.  Serves 2-4