Making Room as a Remembrance

 Photo Credit Toledo Blade

Photo Credit Toledo Blade

Remembrance of that day.  Sun shined through in a house not awake.  Ben called miles away to tell me that something happened in New York.  He had an urgency in his voice. We had a tv, no cable and tried to find the least scratchy station.  Suddenly, the realization of what he was talking about came to light.   

I had a job interview scheduled for that day.  It was a my church childcare center.  I never expected to be crying in an interview bathed in prayer.  Starbucks was actually closed.  We gathered all the friends who were still in town for summer awaiting the quarter beginning to pray.  We were young college students grasping for something, for faith, for hope, for Jesus.  


Now 12 years later and the world is still going.  Life is held onto a little more tightly today in remembrance.  Tucking away moments of stillness to see outside ourselves.  

In this post-9/11 world, I am constantly reflecting on life's greatest treasures.  I am reminded why the giving of myself, even when I feel nothing of it is the most important. Why it's not about patriotism, or an us verse them stance.  Rather, it's a God incarnate thing dwelling in all creation.  

Post 9/11 demonstrates the ever need toward true hospitality.  As Father Daniel Homan & Lonni Collins Pratt contend, 

Hospitality involves accepting responsibility to care for the strangers, the ones at our gate, but also those a world away.  The biggest obstacle to hospitality is not the state of the world.  It is the state of our minds and hearts.  It is the comfort we crave so badly that we will do almost anything for it.  --Radical Hospitality

I know this day is about making space in our hearts to remember and not forget the evil, which easily creeps in and destroys life.  But, I believe this day is also about making room for others.  Caring for others, both in our midst and across the globe.  To see that Imago Dei is breathed in each person.   

May we make room for Creator of the Universe and the Spirit who breathes life.  May we make room for our family, friends & stranger.  May we make room for ourselves to know thyself & to respond compassionately & gently.