Birthdays Bring About Reflection

This has been a nice summer.  Not too much planned.  A staycation counted successful.  And a need to unplug.  I know I don't write as much these days.  But, you know when you feel like your mind is swirling with all these ideas and you need time to think?   

I'm going through that and so much more.  I simply want to enjoy this last month before V returns to school.  I'm also realizing how much I can overindulge myself far too often.  I'm an "all or nothing" type of person.  In that light, I'm over at MomHeart today.   I'm reflecting on my own birthday, along with giving birth and what that means for me.

Her birth reflected redemption and peace.  My mentor & counselor’s words echoed in me, “Maybe this baby is simply a gift,” fitting as I had just had a miscarriage not two months prior to finding out I was pregnant.  Yes, a gift!
I lavished in summer’s finale with an unusual sun-filled Pacific NW sky for days on end.  There was Jesus reminding me how glorious life really is as the light breeze cascaded over baby wrinkles and milk stained shirts.  It felt like a perpetual birthday.
Alas, it’s too easy to crash and burn from the birthday high as I forget the gifts that were gifts, and believe the gift giver is more like a Santa Claus Father waiting to put me on his naughty list.

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Kamille Scellick