Wishing for No Holding Back

My friend Megan (who wrote a piece here on sharing her table) is doing a 'Dear Daughters' Series, as her twin girls just turned two.  She invited me to contribute by writing a letter to my own daughters as a way to know something about me from my growing up years.

I had intended to write about recipes or my time in the kitchen, but then life doesn't always work the way we intend it.  As a result, I'm currently walking through a season of inward reflection.  Caprice hit the 11 month mark and I feel like the fog is continuing to lift. Peace is settling deep within my bones, where the young girl who stood on mall benches boldly singing without a care to the world is trying to emerge.   

This is what I pray & hope for in my girls.  That complete abandon in who God created them to be.  It's what I want for me, for you...will you come on over and read more.