How to Love Others Practically


Right now at this very moment, can you think of at least one person within your sphere who is in need? Okay, so keep their face in your head, or write their name down (if you feel adventurous, think of more than one) and we'll come back to it.

When I've been overwhelmed, sick, or whatever trial I'm walking through, I've been most comforted when friends have come alongside to practically love me. In this season of transitioning from a family of four to five, I've been blown away by the genuine love poured out on us. And as our family is finding our new normal, I am encountering how to again get back to loving others through tangible ways.

This made me think of offering up some tangible ways to love others.

  1. Invite someone(s) over for dinner.
  2. Send an note in the mail why you're thankful for them.
  3. Ask the question, "How can I help?"
  4. After asking the above question follow with various options.
  5. Watch their kids if they have any.
  6. Do their laundry.
  7. Clean their floors.
  8. Clean their bathroom.
  9. Detail their car.
  10. Drop by with their favorite drink.
  11. Bring by dinner.
  12. Make a snack care package for them.
  13. Take their dog for a walk.
  14. Give them uninterrupted time to listen.
  15. Bring over DVDs with some dessert.
  16. Order pizza or take out.
  17. Send a gift card for dinner if they live in a different city.
  18. Do their dishes.
  19. Offer to pick up their kids or drop them off to school.
  20. Bring flowers.
  21. Make a roasted chicken, then take the carcass and make broth--give them both.
  22. Chocolate.
  23. Candles and bath salts.
  24. If it's a couple with a baby+, offer to take the kids out so they can have some mommy-daddy time.
  25. Give the gift of a massage.
  26. More than anything, be understanding and reassure them they are not alone.

What would you say have been some of the best practical ways others have loved you or you have loved others?