What I'm Into (May 2013 Edition)

1. Favorite Bites

May has been hit or miss in the food area.  I haven't been creating as much in the kitchen, which always tends to dry up a bit of my soul.  I was invited to my friend's husband's new restaurant with their soft opening.  It was really nice, well thought out, and many Paleo options.  

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It's called 250 Flora and they specialize in soups with toast, brunch on the weekends and nice baked goods.  I had the ginger yam with apple cider vinegar onions and bacon, which balanced nicely with acid from the ACV and saltiness in the bacon.  There was also a table filled with all sorts of meat, cheeses, herbed nuts and breads.  I made a bee line for that meat.  Salty meat?  Sign me up. 

We also went out to Dashi Noodle Bar to support the Opportunity Council's Maple Alley for homeless peoples.  It was this proud mama moment watching my girls slurp up their rice noodles & beef broth and munch on the crisp pig skin & seaweed.  Their bowls are enormous and filling.  I had the beef in mushroom dashi with rice noodles topped with daikon kimchee.  Did I mention they have an assortment of pickled veggies & kimchees?   

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I volunteered to make a special baked treat for V's kindergarten teacher for Teacher Appreciation week.  It was these beautiful Rhubarb galettes, all grain-free and boasting of rhubarb.  I admit that they didn't taste as good by themselves, due to the tartness of the rhubarb.  However, add a little whole milk yogurt with a drizzle of honey--perfect.   


The last day of May was partially spent baking with chocolate chip cookies with Tay.  I do say this recipe is a keeper.   It's vegan if made without honey, but I didn't.  It is egg free however and pleasantly soft.  

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And oh mylanta!  Sourdough Cashew Bread was probably one of my most favorite bites.  It truly was a bite of nostalgia.  I took one loaf and cut it about 1/8 thin and toasted them.  Perfection! 

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One of my freshest bites was the first of the season snap peas and snap pea shoots from the Farmer's Market (did you know Bellingham's Farmer Market is one of the top ones in the nation?).  I made a version of my Snap Pea & Mint Risotto for a friend.   

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 2. Favorite Books/Cookbooks

Remember how I'm not the fastest reader, which is why I love cookbooks (or as Ben affectionately calls me, "a grazer reader).  This means I am still reading The Secrets of a Happy Family.  I need to finish it up, as I have just hit my second renewal limit from the library.   

An Everlasting Meal by Tamar E. Adler is another book I have checked out a couple times, and again haven't been able to finish all of it.  However, Adler's words resonate with me, especially in the introduction where she makes room for us non-chefs to create in the kitchen.  As a non-formally trained chef, she's risen up in the industry through cooking, tasting & doing.  Isn't that what it's all about?   

I'm still savoring Bread for the Journey by Henri Nouwen as he gives us these little morsels each day.   

 3. Favorite Shows/Movies

We finally finished Friday Night Lights and I'm a little sad.  

We also finished up the rather long commitment to The Office, although it jumped the shark long ago it was all sorts of lovely to see Michael Scott again.

Once Upon a Time season finale came and I must see what happens in Neverland. 

Can you say Bluthe family?  It's how our Memorial Day weekend happened.   

Movies--nothing really. 

4. Favorite Tunes

I've been into non-current music of late.  Pulling out the glory of my college days has been nice with some Waterdeep, 100 Portraits & Waterdeep 'Enter the Worship Circle,' Harry Nilsson & Elliott Smith

My dad gave us Nilsson's album for Christmas as it's one of his favorites and I have to say, it's fantastic.  He is both Beatles and folk and it makes me completely happy.   

Elliott Smith is just so mellow and reminiscent of Spring time, I am taken back to just a month before I got married and how wonderful life was in anticipation of it all.   

5. Favorite Ideas/Inspirations/Blogs

I've really been inspired by Alli Worthington's blog, not necessarily for my own blog.  Rather, I can see how a lot of her ideas can easily translate into my personal life of running shop here at home.   

Tsh at Simple Mom's Monday Benedictions have been so good for me.  I feel like she is reading my mail, as she puts it ever so precise & sincere.   

6. Family Happenings

This past month (and April as well) has been filled with time spent leading a pre-engagement class, where Ben and I serve as the guiding couple with three couples.  They do coursework each week, which cover various topics one would encounter in marriage (from finances to communication to covenant).  It's a 10 week course with one final interview one on one with each couple.   

We are in the homestretch as finish these last meetings.  It's tiring even for this very relational ENFJ, but I blame more of it on still not getting a straight 8 hours of sleep down.  Even though we are tired, it's been a joy to serve these people in this capacity; as well as, reevaluating our own marriage as we counsel them.   

And since I've been investing more time into the class and family, it means blogging gets second fiddle.  I am being reminded how my soul is dependent on dreaming and creative thinking.  I can only go so long on creating order & structure, which seems to be more than normal in this season.   

Here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming months: 

  • dreaming about what & who we want to be as the Scellicks
  • not have to pack a lunch or get a little one to school  
  • be immersed in lazy days of summer
  • my birthday
  • celebrating my baby girl's first year of life (I think I might be sentimental in August, just saying) 
  • pulling out my guitar and get reacquainted with writing songs
  • go berry picking, visit Joe's Garden multiple times, eat as many strawberries as I can stomach (and that's a lot).
  • playdates with my pre-school days crew (man I miss them) 
  • celebrating 11 years of marital wonderfulness
  • making fun to do lists with the girls
  • making summer pies and creating more recipes in the kitchen for you
  • finding time to finish up the Practices of Eating series
  • lazy morning breakfasts as we read
  • Welcoming in the summer (June 20th) with Strawberry Shortcake breakfast (or this Lemon Poppyseed Strawberry Shortcake)


Don't forget that there are some fabulous recipes perfect for your summer right here at Redeeming the Table. 

If you haven't yet, I would love for you to come on over and like Redeeming the Table Facebook page.  I would also love to hear what you've been into for the past month, and what you're looking forward to this summer.  


As always, I'm linking arms with Leigh over at Hopeful Leigh.     

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