How a Sourdough Cashew Bread & I Met


I've been salivating over The Urban Poser's sourdough cashew bread for a while, but I haven't had time to make it.  That is until now.  And all I can wonder is, "why haven't I done this long before?"  

Yesterday I processed the raw, organic cashews with filtered water.  Then, added the probiotic (mine was a 34 billion cell), which I thoroughly mixed in the cashews.  I put it in my yogurt maker to incubate for 24 hours.  

A word on the probiotic.  There is a mistake in the original recipe calling for a 20-30 billion strain, because the number is not referring to strains; rather, it's referring to cells.  In my probiotic capsules, each capsule contains 34 billion cells, while the probiotic itself has seven (7) strains of probiotics.  What you'll want is to find a probiotic carrying 20-30 billion cells.  I found mine at the co-op in town.  

The one recipe calls for a 7 3/4 x 3 3/4 pan, which isn't very large.  Most loaf pans are more like 9x5.  If you want to make this recipe in your standard one, then you'll need to double the recipe.  What you see in my picture is actually two mini loaf pans.

I love the fresh out of the oven taste of this bread.  I have visions of baking it again in the small loaf pan, then slicing it thin and laying them flat on a sheet pan to toast up for French Onion Soup or crostini.  

PS: I didn't do the lovely egg wash, which makes the end result nice and golden and lovely.