Why Calling Myself Paleo Bothers Me & Why Eating is in the Sharing (Practices of Eating)


Our family as I've mentioned tries to follow a paleo/primal way of eating; however, there is such looseness with that, that I don't like calling myself a "Paleo" eater.  It's like Christianity or any religion with it's varied sects or denominations.  There might be one thing holding the lines together; but, everyone is at a different spot on the line.  

Here's what I don't like about Paleo if I'm being honest.  

It's the ostracization of those who fall outside the pack.  Albeit, that's true with anything.  But, within the Paleo world, it seems like there is sweeping range one can fall on making it hard to distinguish what is what.  Some are zealots and others are Paleo with a side of grains.  

Since zealots tend to be a bit louder in the group, it's easy to feel like the failure, or the black sheep if you fall out of line in their preaching.  Granted, I want to ensure the difference between zealous/passion and overzealous.  Because, whenever someone finds a missing puzzle piece to their life, they naturally want to talk about it.  Heck, some go full blown and preach it loud, start a blog, burn the grains & sugars and take stock in coconut crops and grass-fed beef pastures.  

Let me emphasize...this is not a bad thing.  

When I did my first Whole30 I was blown away by the affects on my body, sleep and body weight/fat.  I wanted everyone to know about how I lost weight, how I wasn't sluggish at 2-4 pm, how my insides weren't wonky anymore, and cravings ceased.  Because, doesn't the truth set us free or something?

Still, there is that fine line of wanting what's best for us and others, while ensuring ALWAYS, ALWAYS they are more important than what is put inside their body.  It's what I don't like about most diets becoming lifestyle which ostracize others.  It's what I love about Jesus and what he set to do when coming to Earth.  

For the first time, we see a religious leader seeking to uphold certain religious structures, while also eliminating them.  For the first time, we see Jesus eating with the unclean & picking grain on the Sabbath, understanding that rules are not the backbone of living life free.  Rather, a life lived in constant thanksgiving of the Creator who provided all that is under heaven is life living (note: you can read more on orientation within thanksgiving here in regards to food).

This eating thing is tricky friends.  

  • How do we stick with our convictions, while living in community with grace and love?  
  • How do we not make judgement statements about others in their poor eating choices?  
  • How do we welcome someone's hospitality within this sticky area?

I'm convinced that Jesus-loving, unified Christians could be identified the most at the table.  Where one is eating meat, the other is not and they still uphold the image of God within one another as higher than what they consume.  

How do you share life with others who eat differently than you?  Any tips you would give on cooking for others who eat differently or when you come to another person's home?  

 Join in the conversation & series, Practices of Eating

Join in the conversation & series, Practices of Eating

Kamille Scellick

Kamille Scellick passionately believes that gathering around the table is where the body, mind & soul will be nourished. It's around the table where you're sure to find her on any given day...eating, talking, listening & sharing life with her husband, Ben & three girls.