On the Practices of Eating


After writing about my breastfeeding relationship with Caprice, I am overwhelmed by the stories other mamas shared who have struggled to feed their babies in what would be assumed as the most natural way.  Mamas who spoke of the tears being evoked from years ago, shame, guilt and struggle; and still, it was words, "I've been told a lot about nursing, but never that my struggle is a grace."  

Could it be what most people need is grace?  

Months ago, I wrote about seeing cooking as a ministry, or a service to our family and loved ones who have dietary restrictions & allergies.  Again, mamas overwhelmed me by how they never saw all their work in the kitchen as anything more than simply feeding their loves.  To be validated that cooking for a very restrictive diet is strenuous and tiring gave hope.  

What I'm seeing is how this food thing, this eating around the table is a lovely place.  But, when eating and food is mixed with chaos rather than peace, we want to run far from it.  

I remember from my Child Development class in college the professor talking about the two things parents cannot make a child do,

1. What they put into their body.
2. What comes out of their body.

And when you ask parents of young kids, what is a hardship?  It's revolving around potty training and eating (most often).  

  • How then, can we make dinner time as peace-filled and gracious, while still wanting to get our children to receive nutrients from eating vegetables?  
  • How can we cut ourselves some slack as well?  
  • How can we promote a healthy relationship with food & eating in our children?  
  • How can we as adults to retrain the way we view food?
  • How can we enjoy this gift and not see it as shame?

I plan on doing a practice of sorts (borrowing from Sarah Bessey) on eating.  I would love to hear your feedback, anything you want to see in this series?  Be sure to post your thoughts in the comment sections below by Wednesday, and starting Thursday, I'll have the topics we'll follow for this mini-series.  

So, please comment below and give your thoughts.