What I'm Into (February 2013 Edition)

I've read many others of what they're into and never joined in; because, well, when I decide to board the train it's left the station (as in it's already the middle of the next month).  And then, I read how other people organize their lists or categories, I find myself thinking, "I don't read that many books in one month for it denote a 'category.'"  

Luckily, I get to embrace me and do what I want to do--right!  Okay then, let's begin!

1. My Favorite Bites

Since I love to eat, and I'm pretty sure you knew that, what better way to begin than with my favorite bites.  


I braised a pork roast with a cumin & lime rub.  It ended up as a succulent, fall off the bone juicy mess.  Mess in the best sense possible.  I pulled it apart and stored it away.  On Sunday, I made a sauce using coconut aminos, frozen pineapple, red chili flakes, ginger & a pinch of cayenne all in a small pot.  Using my immersion blender, I transformed it into a sauce and poured it over the shredded pork. 

I knew I wanted to make a salad for the fam, but I had no lettuce or kale.  Wait, in perfect "make use of the fridge leftovers," I found some cabbage, green apples, green onions (like two) and carrots.  Shred it all up, dump a heap of the pulled pork on top and call it a heckuvasalad.


You know that phrase, "a way to the man's heart is through his stomach?"  Well, I resent that, because Ben knows the way to my heart is through my stomach as evidenced to the above salad.  I think I finished that salad in two minutes tops.  He sent me a text with a pic of a local place and wrote, "Can you guess where I am?"  

Ciao Thyme!  My most favorite place in town.  I love the heart behind Mataio & Jessica Gillis and their staff.  Seriously, if you come to town during the week lunch, I will take you here.  

This salad was kale, spinach, roasted carrots, homemade cottage cheese, grapefruit, pulled pork, toasted cumin seeds, candied nuts, julienned carrots, and the loveliest dressing.


I made this one at home.  Roasted sweet potatoes with cumin seeds, obscene amount of avocados, kale, red onions sliced and macerating in apple cider vinegar with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle of red pepper chili flakes.  

What was missing?  toasted pepitas

My other favorite bite was probably Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Ice Cream. Seriously, how have I never tried that before?  

2. My Favorite Reads, be it book or interweb or magazine


I am absolutely loving Henri Nouwen's Bread for the Journey.  Everyday has a little snippet, which I feel like the late Nouwen somehow transported for me right here and right now.  It was a beautiful, feels like Spring day in Bellingham while the girls played outside, Caprice napped inside and I read his words.  What would they be about?  The Table!  He writes,

We all need to eat and drink to stay alive.  But, having a meal is more than eating and drinking.  It is celebrating the gifts of life we share.  A meal together is one of the most intimate and sacred human events.  Around the table we become vulnerable, filling one another's plates and cups and encouraging one another to eat and drink.  Much more happens at a meal than satisfying hunger and quenching thirst.  Around the table we become family, friends, community, yes, a body.

Could he be any more prophetic & true?  Could it be in these few sentences that I find peace, because it's the beauty of gathering and sharing the table with others, which cuts to our core of finding life in this here but not yet life?  

And with that, I've been enjoying Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine advanced reader's copy.  Niequist is capturing my heart over and over again on the pages.  But, more to that in a review to shortly come.  

I've also been taking in some cookbooks, Nourishing Meals by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, which is a great whole foods, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes.  There are also some grain-free recipes.  Lots of good information on gut healing and children meals.  

Blog posts I felt spoke to a certain part of me: 

When the Poet Prophet @sarahbessey made me a feminist by Preston Yancey.  I felt affirmed as a woman who isn't burn your bra, give me deductive reasoning as to why I should follow--rather affirmed where I am at.

The Rural Church: Rural Church and the Table: the Lord's Table this is a new blog I recently found, which I found myself nodding constantly.  

The Hope for Success by Jessica Mueller from The Reluctant Sojourner.  I felt like Jessica was speaking so much truth and honesty here.  I really appreciated it, plus I really love her.

3. Favorite Shows

I have really enjoyed catching up on Once Upon a Time.  I started watching it after the first season was over and finished it in like a week time.  Caprice had gotten sick, so I nursed her and had her sleeping on me while I watched streamed episodes on Netflix.  I loved the fight for good and evil and believing the story isn't finished being written.  The second season began as a 'meh' for me and then I realized how much I got hooked.  

Top Chef Seattle is always a win for me, but I haven't watched the finale yet.  I was a bit disappointed to see Shelton getting eliminated.  

Friday Night Lights.  Ben and I began watching this before Caprice was born and putting a long hiatus on it.  We started it back up this month and I LOVE it.  Oh the tension with Coach Taylor being axed from his job and given East Dillion High football coach.

Bunheads.  Watched the season finale and personally I feel like the characters are evening out and it's not so much about moody Sasha.  

4. Favorite Pictures of the Month


These glittery hearts adorned our red fireplace...swoon.


My big girl lost not just one tooth, but two.  I have to say she was so cute with one front top tooth missing.  After losing her tooth, she told me, "I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy is going to bring me a whistle on a chain!"  So the tooth fairy makes good on her deliveries.  

What we found out was her fascination with the recess teacher's whistle.  She happens to hang out with the teachers more than the kids (Tina can I get a shout out).  


Texting Ben a picture of the girls while they were dancing and said, "Smile girls!"  This is what I got.  


V was loving on her baby throughout the morning.  When breakfast was ready I was upstairs.  Ben sent me this text, "I don't know if she's ready to babysit quite yet."  


Ben was out of town this past week, so I sent him some "silly faces" of us.  One of Tay's favorite things to do.  Apparently, being a ham and photobombing a picture is also one of favorite things to do.  


Yeah and then this little girl.  She is teaching me that life is worth pausing and enjoying. I simply love being her mama and feel honored to receive such a gift as her.  That would be true about all three of my girls.  

5. Favorites on the Blog

Why I need Me & Why You Need You

The Table Seeks Solitude: My First Vlog (worth taking time to watch if you haven't)

Imperfect Prose: Broken Cheesecakes & Mothering

Also, have you liked Redeeming the Table Facebook page?  I would love for you to join the community over there as well...the engagement is lovely.  

Your Turn!!  What have been some of your favorites this past month?  

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