On Lent & Simple Meals

After Caprice was born, I fully celebrated with food. I hadn't drank any beer or wine in nine months. My appetite had diminished quite a bit in those last couple weeks with baby pressure on my organs. But, once she arrived, celebrating & feasting ensued.

I think there's a time for going all out when eating. But, most often, we find ourselves needing to step away from indulgence.

One year we ate rice & beans for every meal with an added veggie side. It was a good exercise in simple meals, simple taste buds & simple preparation. I found more time to spend with my girls and less in the kitchen. It not only acquainted me with those in the world with very little on their plates, it also caused me to meditate on the giving of my time to those I care most.

I believe no matter how we choose to eat, from vegan to paleo, Lent & simple meals are highly doable. Since we eat on the paleo side, maybe it's sweet potatoes & chicken.

What have you done for Lent in regards to meals?