A Note on How My Love Expresses in Marriage

You write me personal heart felts, as you cannot be rushed into speaking a trite answer. Your heart is private, but your love for me is not. You don't need to post pictures of us kissing, how you lavish grace & blessing upon me, in order for the world to swoon. Because we know what we have is more. Our girls see parents smooching & honestly, I don't need anyone else seeing it.

You know me. I know you. We respect one another. We are in this dry, cold season of babe suckling & my body feels worn. But, I know the glances you give me and three babes later, stretches & sags & hips to birth, I lay confident in the knowing you want all of me.

Today I see young girls wanting so badly to be women in their tight mini skirts, and become sad, because it's more than that. Our love is bigger & deeper & more real now than 14 years.

My valentine.

It's your steady, loyal, hardworking, make breakfast to let me sleep, take your girl to the park to blow her tooth fairy whistle, bring Valentines to your daughters to show them how a man treats a lady, rock your baby to sleep & call me beautiful (and hot), which makes me know this...this right here is real stuff.

This, this is more than any Instagram pic can capture.

This, this real, raw, relationship, friendship, marriage is why I would say "I do," a thousand times over.


Kamille Scellick

Kamille Scellick passionately believes that gathering around the table is where the body, mind & soul will be nourished. It's around the table where you're sure to find her on any given day...eating, talking, listening & sharing life with her husband, Ben & three girls.