Happy Monday! Christmas Edition.

Hello friends!  

I don't if you've been like me; but, I've rather enjoyed having some time off from reading blogs, posting on mine, and being away from social media in general for this past month. It's nice when we get to rest in the life living, not force it, rush it, or let it pass us by.  

Ben has taken some vacation time for year end, which has made the Christmas season all the more restful.  I think a Christmas vacation should be a mandatory thing even when not in school.  V has been enjoying taking some time off from school work, while Cadence has been asking when she gets to go back.  

Meanwhile, Caprice spilled some of her drink today to then find her getting into the cloth napkins.  I thought she was just getting into monkey business.  Nope!  She was using the napkins to actually clean up her spill.  It was a mixture of awe and the most adorable thing I've ever seen.  

Christmas was spent at my in-laws home, which was nice to get away for a couple days and see them, along with my sister & brother-in-law.  But, if we're friends on Facebook, then you'll know of my squealing joy about my present.  

Friends!  I have been saving up money here and there for a Vita-mix blender for about six months now.  I have known that it would take a while, and have been quite content about it.  However, come Christmas, I opened a rather large gift of my brand new (in red) Vita-mix blender.  It's amazing!  Like, oh my gosh amazing.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a vlog post/infomercial on it (just kidding, or am I?).  

I've been making smoothies thus far; but, next on my list is making almond milk and cashew milk.  I have a dry container, which I plan on making nut flours with.  If you're at my house, don't hesitate to ask me to make you something--seriously!  

I have some plans in the works for the coming year; but, until then....tell me a fun story of your holidays, or the best gift you've received.