Ice Cream Sundaes in November


Too often I look at this little one and I'm overtaken with awe.  Yesterday browsing at old pictures of her wearing the same pajamas that Caprice now wears, and I think, "How did you get to five Cadence?"  And it seems my Tay is no longer Tay.  

We rarely call her Tay anymore.  It was fitting for a season, but it seems that was that season and this is a new one.  

She walks into my room in the morning with sleep bugs in the crevices of her eyes, while still wearing her pink headband and a smile.  Most mornings Caprice is there, and unlike other times of the day, Cadence isn't bothered by her.  It's in the morning where Cadence grins big and says with a motherly tone while jumping on the bed, "What are you doing little nookysnook? She's the cutest baby in the world!"

She has told me time and time again, "I don't want to be a mama when I grow up.  I don't want to have babies."  It's because of the pain.  Oh how she's like me.  The fear of the pain.  

Just days ago I asked her, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  She responded, "A teacher...and a mom."  


She knows what she wants, and often times I forget to ask her for her input.  "What do you want for your birthday dessert?  Cake?," I ask.  "No, I want ice cream sundaes.  With sprinkles, and whip cream.  And gummy bears and M&Ms," she says.  

November birthdays, although cold, doesn't mean ice cream is out of the picture.  We invited a few of her friends over for an after school birthday.  

Little sidenote: Can I tell you how much I LOVE after school birthday parties for kids?  You get the house clean.  It's a no-fuss affair.  It's all about the kids.  It's a set time slot. You're weekend isn't taken from all the prep & clean up.  Truly, embrace the after school birthday party friends, embrace it.    


My sweet Cadence Evangelina--You really have lived up to your name.  You march to the rhythms of the Kingdom life.  You're an inquirer.  Love playing games.  

The best hide and seeker, making you Caprice's best candidate for finding.  I adore those chocolate brown eyes and reading books with you.  You knowing to walk into a room to see the underneath tones, not many have this gift.  It's God-given empathy.  Your sensitive yet silly spirit make for a life full person.  Still my most snuggly one, and love to help others.  You pride yourself in being a good friend and caring individual.  You love music.  You love your family.  You are a splendid colorer.  

Most importantly, I'm thankful you're my daughter, my middle one.  My cream between the cookies.  My peanut butter in the sandwich.  What would the cookie be without the filling, or the bread without the peanut butter?  You my sweet Tay McRay are that to your papa and me.