Introverts & Extroverts Share the Table


As an extrovert, I am not intimidated by speaking publicly, or striking up a conversation with someone I don't know.  I don't necessarily sign up for all of these opportunities; but, I don't run away shrieking with fear.  I can easily wear my emotions on my sleeves, while being a "what you see is what you get" sort of gal.  

All that to say, I happen to be a very intuitive extrovert.  I can sense when someone is uncomfortable, or needs to be alone.  Although I speak my thoughts, process externally and somewhat revitalize through adult interaction, I walk into a room with a bit of observant reserve to feed the signals.   

What does this mean when the extrovert meets the introvert?

Well, the part about being an extrovert is the dilemma of the perceived vibe of an introvert.   

It's too easy to interpret silence, a still face, or an abruptness on the phone as an, "I don't want to get to know you."  I know from experience that sometimes this is the case; but, most often, it's not.

Here's what I do know: 

1. Extroverts need Introverts just as much Introverts need Extroverts. 

2. There is room at the table for both.

3. Extroverts need the quiet, sometimes hard to read Introverts. 

4. While Introverts need the 'just say it' of the Extroverts.  

5. Even though it can be hard to read the Introvert, the Extrovert shouldn't stop initiating or inviting to the table. 

6. And although the Introvert might be more select on word usage and reserved, doesn't mean they don't initiate or invite.  Nor be able to use their 'introvert' card as an excuse. 

7. Just as the Extrovert isn't more hospitable than an Introvert.  Talkative & outgoing does not denote hospitable.   


Now, of course all of this is coming from an extrovert.  So, what do you think?  I would love your input.

What would you add?