What are the Tangibles in Sharing the Table?

There are now 11 more days to post for this series Share the Table.  So, naturally I would love to hear from you.  What would you like to see in these last 10 days?  I am having my friend Kristin of Schell Cafe over to share the table, while I hop on over to her table.  I am also hoping my friend will share.   

One thing I am good at is dreaming and talking about the why.  However, when it comes to writing out the tangibles, it's not my strength.  I can give a person tons of tangibles in person--it's just this whole computer screen distance that stunts me.   


This is why I need your help.  

What tangibles would you like to see?  What questions could be addressed?   

Be sure to leave your response in the comment section.   

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