Finding You at the Table

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Yesterday was my cooking class and it was one of the top moments of this year.  When I was little I would play teacher (didn't most of us?), drawing what I thought were algebraic equations on the large green chalkboard with my stuffed animals as students.  It wasn't just these living room moments as Miss Sotomayor that led me to believe teacher should be a title.   

I could easily be found leading and directing.  Sometimes this was construed as being bossy or strong-will.  However, I would realize 'teacher' for me wasn't to be used in the traditional sense.  After doing one lesson plan in a high school, I found that deep yearning affirmed.  What I also found was teaching in the public schools wasn't for me.   

But, I did find that core teaching within lay dormant wandering for the right unleashing.   

Last night was when I found it at Ciao Thyme.  It felt invigorating as though God's pleasure fell upon me.  I truly loved being able to cook in the kitchen of people I respect.  Not only that, but to be able to give full attention to the instruction of the food & the people who came.  If only there was time to cook the meal and then sit down and eat it with everyone.   


Sharing the table is when others cheer you on when you doubt yourself.   

Sharing the table is believing in others when they don't believe in themselves.  

Sharing the table is driving 90 miles to support your sister in law. 

Sharing the table is hospitality, and these examples are hospitality.  It's in the putting others before yourself.   

Last night I found myself surrounded by texts from Ben, "Very proud of you for making this happen.  You're going to be great," and friends coming to be shining faces amidst the unknown.   

I want to know, where have you felt God's pleasure?  Who has helped you find it?

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