Generosity at the Table

There are those moments in life when life is sucking up everything, and it feels as though it's a daily struggle to keep going. I've been there and that place is an old unwelcome friend.

I know that seasons ebb & flow, and I will find myself there again in the future. But, I'm convinced as I walk through the trials, there will also be the stars shining down moments.

Tonight my cup is full. In fact, it's overflowing. It's like walking through the land of the dead to come upon the land of the living. My cooking class has finished & I feel the generosity of God & loved ones.

It is entirely undeserved, and I sense God retelling stories of old. You know the ones?! Where you can finish the end, because you've heard them so many times. But, somewhere along the way you've forgotten how you fit in them. You begin to distrust the teller leading to the invalidity of them.

But, God is ushering me back. He is wooing me back to the table. He is reminding me that I can believe him. He is painting that little girl who had faith with abandon, with complete freedom in the goodness & safety of His hand.

I'm reminded of this as I nurse Caprice and nuzzle her. She is such a delight. And to think, I miscarried two months prior to be given this gift in the form of her. I shutter at this generosity.

I know we aren't all at this place, and I am not going to undermine the hard place you might be in. But, can I offer this one little snippet?

You are welcome to this table. I want you to be able experience the generosity of God & others in your life. When life is turbulent, cling to the hope in the final feast of the Lamb. And in the meantime, I hope & pray your table would reflect that table with extravagant generosity.