When We Feed the Belly of the Soul

The night is calling me to rest my head. If it were up to me this morning I would have crawled back into bed & slept another hour or two. The day is gone & there is still much to do for tomorrow's class.

I spoke on the phone with the head sous chef as we discussed what I would need, and how the day would run. He admitted to not knowing much about Paleo cooking. I told him it has varying degrees like most things in life, where there are the hardcore committed to eating Paleo 80:20.

I confessed how I don't eat Paleo all the time. Rather, it's about people, because "people are always more important than food."

He was astonished in that, "Yes! I totally believe that, just haven't heard someone say it quite like that before" sort of way. What he did say was, "that's really neat! It's true! You should say THAT tomorrow."

People are starving when they come to the table. Starving to speak & be heard, but mostly told they're worth it. They're more important than the food. In fact, this meal without them would be tasteless.