Generosity & Faith at the Table


In these next few days, I am not able to put forth as much thought into my writing here.  I want to stay committed to writing for 31 days on Sharing the Table for the small act of discipline.  With that said, I have my cooking class on Thursday and I found out today that more than the minimum has been met, which means the class is a go. 

Prior to today, I've been testing and re-testing recipes for it.  Primarily a grain-free granola bar, which is proving to be the current bane of my existence.  Our family has also been kind of under the partial weather with colds (or the lingering of them).  I also found out yesterday that I am able to attend a conference next week.  It's completely last minute, but my friend Logan called me up saying there was a free ticket if I'd like it. 

One of my main hesitancies is that cute little 14 month old who is still nursing and likes to wake up at least once in the middle of the night.  Ben said, "Kamille, you've woken up every single night for the past 14 months.  I think I can handle four nights."  I was overwhelmed by the sheer generosity and validation.  Because I have done that.  I forgot that I haven't slept a full night since she's been born.   

So with all that is happening, I am swirling in the busyness while soaking up the generosity of God.   

And I guess what strikes me is how my table is an act of faith & generosity.  Faith in that we meet there to commune, reflect and share at the end of the day.  We gather even when making a meal and sitting isn't appealing.  We eat our meal thanking God for the nourishment and abundance we receive.  We recognize that in the eating, life is never to be taken for granted. 

Generosity in how none is deserved, but I serve a God who really does delight in the giving of good gifts.  How the same Spirit who dwells in Jesus dwells in me, in Ben and through that, Ben is able to give of himself so I can refill.   

I see where I was a year ago and thank God that he has brought me out of the pit in those dark postpartum months.  He is wooing me over and over again.  He is proving that he is the same Father who loved me as a girl to a mama who has three of them.  Sharing the Table today means taking moments from the busy to tend to what's present.   

1. Talking with my mom & my friend Tina on the phone. 

2. Sitting to dinner with my family. 

3. Giving Caprice a bath. 

4. Coloring with Cadence. 

5. Taking V to her therapy appt. 

6. Waking up a bit early to spend some quiet with Ben. 


What has your table looked like today? 

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