My Bookshelf Inspiring This Table Life

Here are most of my books on hospitality, sharing the table & theology of eating & food. Below are the titles from left to right. I don't have the authors listed next to them for one reason only. I'm going to bed and am posting this from my phone. If you are curious about the author you can A. Goggle the title or B. Ask an I'll shoot you the title. 


My hospitality & food books

1. Cup of Cold Water
2. Radical Hospitality
3. Making Room
4. Untamed Hospitality
5. New Testament Hospitality
Hospitality Study
6. Food and Faith
7. Blessed are the Hungry
8. A Meal with Jesus
9. Soul Banquet
10. The Feast of the World's Redemption
11. The Theology of Food
12. Food & Faith
13. The Spirit of Food
14. Breaking Bread
15. Rituals of Dinner

***i'd also like to add A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester as a must read.

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