Share the Table. 31 Days 2013.

Share the Table. 

What does this even mean?   

One of my favorite artists is Nikki McClure.  Her method is using paper cuts by using an Xacto knife.  I have her calendar hanging by means of a paper clip on my entryway board.  Her pieces usually have this lovely hidden message within the image.  Most times she has a solitary word for that image.  My most favorite hangs in my kitchen, which I received as a gift two years ago for my birthday from my friend Talia. 

Image via Nikki McClure

Image via Nikki McClure

This word, this image conjures up hope, regret, joy, mistakes.  As you browse through the pictures here, each of these speaks a little of what I find to mean 'share the table.'

It ranges from simple to messy to fancy to well-thought out to mismatched.  In these next 30 days, you will find tangible offerings (ie recipes) to soul food to chew on.  I hope for both serious conversation to laughter.  I will pull some posts from the archives and other days an amuse bouche for you to sample.   


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This sharing the table business isn't just about me.  It's about you, it's about us changing the world with our tables.  So, if you're on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #sharethetable with your moments through this month.   

Let me leave you with a question:  

What does "Share the Table" mean to you?



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