Sometimes You Need to Know Real

I wish I had time to write more, to put my thoughts & heart down in this place. But, I am succumbing to the facts that although I see others who have come after me are rising up (or maybe I think they are), or my other parts of being Kamille are simply on pause in this season of life.

Another thing I'm learning and wanting is to communicate with you of the real me. I want you to feel like you are not simply looking into my good hour of the day; rather, see a bit of the 3:00 hour.

Here is my kitchen. This illustrates three things to me.

1. The myth of the large, commercial kitchen is needed, in order to provide a good meal.

2. Whenever you need a boost in how your life is chaotic, or messy, come here to see mine.

3. My kitchen is not perfect, nor is my life. I don't claim opulence; rather, I embrace real, messy & lived in (and wouldn't mind a maid either).

Your turn. Share on Redeeming the Table Facebook pics of your real.