Day 1: 31 Days of Oktoberfeast: all things food, eating, table


Food is one of my favorite nouns on planet earth. I love meals of simplicity & complexity. Ben laughs at me asking people, "If you we're on death row, what would be your last meal?"  

Really though, aside from the morbidity of said question, it's in a meal where we find so much of ourselves. We find basic needs being met, laughter & conversation, withholding via fasting, diet, starvation.  Food holds power. It is both blessing and curse.. 

These 31 days I aim at writing on all things food, be it cooking & preparing, eating, health perspectives to kids eating. There will be technical to poetry, so if you love food--then join me.  

PS: Ben thought of the name Oktoberfeast--he's pretty brilliant.

Day 2: Ode to Joe's Garden

Day 3: Delighting in Food

Day 4: Feasting on Food Stories

Day 5: How Starbucks Can Teach Us About Gatherings

Day 6: Oktoberfest or Oktoberfeast: On Beer

Day 7: Foods I Love

Day 8: The Ministry of Food

Day 9: Imagine there's No...

Day 10: Maybe the Table is the Church

Day 11 & 12: More on Menu Planning

Day 13: On Coffee

Day 14: Food Links

Day 15: My Top 10 Cookbooks (ones I actually own)

Day 16: Stress & Eating

Day 17 & 18: Who I Cook For

Day 19: My Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Day 20 & 21: Weekend Food & Love

Day 22: Storytelling at the Table

Day 23: Autumn & Dropping by Spur of the Moment

Day 24: I Want to Hear From You

Day 25: Homemade Almond Milk PSL & Dessert

Day 26: On Breastfeeding

Day 27: Breaking Bread

Day 28: Feasting Books

Day 29: Tare the Scale: Story of Mercy & Cookies

Day 30: Real Food and Health Magazine

Day 31: Closing on Peace

I'm joining in with a load of other bloggers in 31 days (#31days hashtag) over at The Nester.  Take a look at some of the other offerings for these 31 days.  

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