Shattering Our Glass House {Mom Heart}

Sitting one afternoon at my table while the girls had their quiet time, after months of counseling, Jesus brought forth the stinging reality before my eyes.  How I longed to be a perfect mother, which burned me. I didn't realize just how prideful I had been in these short years of mothering.  
Coming from a dysfunctional upbringing, I was determined to create a home that reflected nothing of my past.  I would be a calm & gentle mother.  I would not give room for anything in my children to have to go to counseling or have "issues" with me.  I wanted to be perfect in their eyes.  It isn't that wanting to be holy & good is bad, but it was in that moment at the table where Jesus began to pull down the veil.  
Where I wanted perfection was where I wanted my daughters to idolize me.  I wanted to be their Savior.  He said, "Kamille, don't you realize that I never intended for you to have scars as a child.  But, it's through the scars that my blood was able to pour into and direct you to me--the One who NEVER fails."  
I was creating a glass house for myself.  Eventually glass houses break, and today I'm sharing about Shattering Our Glass Houses as mothers at Mom Heart Blog today.  Come on over to read more.