Snapshots & Inspiration

On Monday we went to the hair salon to give Tay her first "professional" haircut.  I use the term professional very loosely as she later mentioned that getting shots at the doctor was more pleasant than having the lady comb her hair.  Needless to say, just because a place advertises children haircuts does not mean they specialize in children's hair.  It might not look like much below, but she has already at age three and a half had about 7-8 inches cut from her hair.  I still do a double take with her hair shorter.  


And then there's my V, who replied, "How about you cut my hair mama!"  One good thing about curly hair is you don't have to be so exact in the cutting process.  Summer haircuts and much easier to comb out.  They're both incredibly cute.


We received peaches in our produce delivery this week and they were actually not half bad.  You know what I mean with peaches and getting a dozen bad ones before biting into the sweet, slightly tangy good one.  I sliced them open and did a little pyrotechnic show for the girls.  Sprinkle some coconut sugar, freshly grated nutmeg, and a splash of homemade bourbon vanilla.  Then, pull out the torch and let the magic happen.  Top with a dollop of full fat plain yogurt.  Tay, my slow eater, beat her sister with seconds to spare.  



On Thursday, Ben & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Here I don a black maternity dress I forgot about and even put on lipstick (the crowd holds their breath).  32 weeks pregnant here and I still cannot quite wrap my mind around having a third baby.  That said, we are definitely eager to meet this little one.  



This was end of the meal, shared dessert.  I figure a pregnant lady is given the green light to lick it clean, but thought it best to end the night with a touch of class.  I was tempted.  


This week I found some posts or books by fellow writers, bloggers that had me nodding my head in agreement, which I thought I would share with you.

1. Dinner with be at 5:30 by Courtney: I am a firm believer in gathering around the table as a family, and making this ritual an everyday occurance.  The stats & figures all show how better off children will be when they regularly gather for a family dinner.  So yes, this was preaching to the choir.

2. You are a Writer by Jeff Goins: Goins lays out basic, practical & straight shooting in his ebook.  I am only disappointed it's not in hardcopy, in order for me to scribble throughout the margins.  I highly recommend if you are a novice writer or been writing your whole life.