Presentation in a bowl of Simplicity

The saying, "we eat first with our eyes, then with our mouth," has some validity, but... doesn't mean it actually tastes good. Case in point with this beautifully constructed (or should I say deconstructed) potato salad. Being a mama serving food to my children is evident here. Something looks odd, which means my littles are less yielding to test their taste buds.

I spent the weekend in Seattle at Blogher Food, which served beautiful food to eat, fantastic people to connect with over food, and new ideas into the world of food. There was this deep sigh within to hear from one speaker on how writing on food, not the analyzing it to death, was moving to her soul. I felt amongst some of my people. It was a cup of cool water to this parched throat.

Meeting Diana from Eat Richly was encouraging as she shared hope in making a difference in the hunger within America, while not simply feeding through loaded carbs. As if those that are hungry or poor only deserve the box of macaroni & cheese & donated cakes.

I'm eating with my heart, or at least trying to. Not with my eyes...but thanking the Sustainer of life that I am given one more breakfast to cook simplicity in a bowl for my girls. It's not in the deconstructed art form of food; but, that it is in the shape of a tan egg with sunshine beaming from within to clear, clean unadulterated water.

What is it that you have been thankful for in the simple meal?